Surgical Training.

IMRA is a centre of excellence that embraces new technology, adapts to the changing education needs of modern surgeons, and delivers robotic surgical training.
Our education method progresses surgeons through a linear robotic surgical training curriculum using online education, virtual reality, 3D video, simulators, and advanced synthetic organ models.


The Next Generation of Surgical Training Models

Pindari creates future-focussed surgical solutions. As surgical techniques and technology evolve, so too must the accompanying training. Enter IMRA Surgical Training Solution: Powered by Powered by Pindari Products. This revolutionary training model marks the dawn of a new age of instruction for the modern surgeon, emphasizing proficiency-based learning which decrease fatigue, boosts productivity, and compresses the learning curve. Moreover, it is underpinned by an adaptable and cruelty-free training environment that meets surgeons where they are.

  • Hydrogel tissue models that react like real human tissue
  • Surgical training that leverages the latest technology
  • Cruelty free, bioinert material for use with clinical robots in the OR
  • Proficiency-based training that meets learners where they are
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Precision-based Surgical Education

Welcome to IMRA Training Solutions, the future of surgical training. Our innovative approach to training provides surgeons with the necessary tools to thrive in an evolving surgical landscape. Our programs decrease burnout, increase efficiency, and shorten the learning curve, all while maintaining a cruelty-free and customizable learning environment. Join us in revolutionizing the future of surgery.

  • Master surgery with anatomically correct hydrogel tissue models and Skinthetic torsos providing true to life simulation
  • Learn surgery the way you want with IMRA's flexible online courses
  • From novice to expert: IMRA's proficiency-based training shortens the learning curve
  • The future of surgical education is here, with IMRA
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Learn Differently

The IMRA Approach

IMRA brings clinicians, academics, device vendors, accreditation bodies and government together to develop and deliver world-class training and research in robotic-assisted surgery.

Advanced Technology

The latest simulation equipment, robotic devices and synthetic organ models enable trainees to develop high competence levels in a wide range of procedures before advancing to live surgery

E-Learning Platform

Mobile, self-paced, multi-media instruction that can be repeated as desired - anywhere, anytime, all with optimal access to fellow trainees and instructors via built-in discussion platforms.

Partnership Network

IMRA is actively involved in developing robotic surgery training methods and accreditation standards through its close connection with a range of partners including the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the Victorian Government, the Royal College of surgeons Ireland and robotic device vendors.


Clinicians, academics and device vendors connect through IMRA to pursue their shared goal of advancing robotic surgical procedures, whilst reducing complication rates, recovery times and costs.

Ethical Synthetic Organs

Ethical Synthetic Organs

Our team of educators, scientists and surgical faculty develop a number of modular and full-length procedural simulation models that mimic tissue properties and simulate procedure specific scenarios (e.g., bleeding and urine leak) within an expanding range of surgical specialties.

Courses at IMRA

Courses at IMRA

IMRA’s Phase 1 course offerings focus on foundational robotics, urology, general and colorectal surgery and gynaecology. Just like the field of robot-assisted surgery, IMRA is expanding rapidly. The breadth of courses will soon increase to include hernia repair, vascular, ENT, cardio-thoracic and bariatric procedures.

Holistic, data driven robotic surgical training

Holistic, data driven robotic surgical training

Data driven curriculum that objectively measures skills proficiency is the IMRA mantra. Training focuses on skills acquisition at different stages and for each operation. Training modules represent varying gradients of difficulty, aimed at gradated surgical ability. Synthetic models have vessels to simulate bleeding, and a layer of fat, tissue and stomach wall to allow tissue plane navigation and pressure gauge sensitivity monitors to measure the surgical proficiency and error.

Our Network

IMRA Partners

A strong partner network is a key foundation of IMRA, working together help to realise our vision.

Society Partners

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Society of Robotic Surgery

Industry Partners

Intuitive Surgical
Life Healthcare
Surgical Science

Research Partners

University of Melboure

Facility Partners

Australian Prostate Centre
Melbourne Theranostic Innovation Centre

Government Partners

Victoria State Government Department of Health

Strategic Partners

Telstra Australia